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Helps you Enter Events to your Palm Desktop (or other calendar program).

Download the EventsEntry Self-Extracting ZIP Archive.

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Hi there!

This useful little program generates "VCalendar" files. These are the files which describe events in a calendar.

VCalendar files can also be imported and exported from the Palm Desktop application (or any other application which can import a "VCalendar" file).

Why Write This Program?

I am attending NYU to get a Musical Theater Writing degree. Because I am on the Musical Theater list, I get lots of announcements for new musicals which look like this:

    A new musical comedy
    Hemingway’s ghost convinces a famous duck painter on the verge
    of a nervous breakdown to leave her powder blue life in Idaho
    and find her green flash in a house with a crazy tilt in Paris.
    Green flash?
    2h 15m   

    Friday, August 13, 9:15pm
    Monday, August 16, 4:30pm
    Saturday, August 21, 12 noon
    Sunday, August 22, 8:45 pm
    Wednesday, August 25, 10 pm

In the Palm Desktop, it's a pain to enter all of these different dates, because there is no "Copy Event" function. And so, you are forced to re-enter all of the date for the event for each of the possible dates/times.

"EventsEntry" allows you to enter the description and duration of the event just once, and then to fill out as many as 10 different dates and times when the event will be occurring. It then creates a VCalendar card with this information and launches the Palm desktop to import the events.

This saves a lot of time when creating new events of this type on your Palm.


Once you have downloaded the file, double-click on the self-extracting archive.

This will create an "EventsEntry" folder. Inside the folder, execute EventsEntry.exe to launch the program.

System Requirements

This program should run on any 32-bit Windows Operating system, Windows-98 and above.

It requires only minimal memory and disk space.

The Archive of Events

All of the VCalendar files are written to a special folder, the "Events" folder in the same directory as the executable. You can locate any of your past events in the Events folder (all events are numbered sequentially) and then mail them to others who might have Palms as well.

What if I don't own a Palm?

No problem. The "VCalendar" file is a common standard used by lots of scheduling software. Use the "Options…" button to change the program which receives your new events and you can use "EventsEntry" to provide events to any program you desire.

Source Code

You can download the source code to "EventsEntry" here. It is written using Microsoft Visual C++ with the Microsoft Foundation Classes. The source code should be fairly clean, but it is provided, "as-is".


This program is freeware. It can be used by anyone for any purpose whatsoever.

I am, however, posting this software in the hopes that it will drive more traffic to my website. So, if you want to help me out, then please link to http://www.pnelsoncomposer.com. The link to the EventsEntry program specifically is: http://www.pnelsoncomposer.com/software/eventsentry.

Thanks! Paul